About Us

If you have just stumbled across this web site, you may be wondering, “Who the hell are The Dawson Boys?”

Bob and I have making music together since we were teenagers growing up in small town South Carolina. We played in a number of musical configurations as high school and college students in the 1960s, and worked as full-time performers for a few years in the 1970s.

That included a couple of years on the college coffeehouse circuit, playing on campuses and clubs throughout the eastern United States. We also were fortunate to do some recording, which led to our only truly national release, “Cool Carolina Winds,” on Atlantic Records in 1975. It was not a big hit, but we learned a lot.

In the late 1970s, we both got married, found “real jobs” and raised some great kids.

But for most of the past 35 years, writing and recording music has been our favorite hobby. We have gone from reel-to-reels to vinyl records to cassettes to CDs and computers, a couple of hundred songs all together.

For a few of those years, we lived in the same town, but most of the time, careers have taken us to different places. So much of this music has been written and recorded “long distance,” sending tapes and later computer files back and forth from Asheville to Dallas or Pennsylvania to Charlotte or the coast of Carolina to West Virginia -- or something like that.

These days we are both retired from our "day" jobs and living in South Carolina.

Thanks for listening.

Ed Dawson, 2024
The Dawson Boys


Pryor Rayburn

We are excited to collaborate with Pryor Rayburn on our latest release, The Bright Side.  Pryor, Bob’s daughter, has been captivating listeners since she was a teen with her soulful, sultry voice and expressive style.  When she is not singing, she is an education consultant/trainer in Charlotte, NC.